We are an interdisciplinary team developing creative bioengineering research.
Anisotropic and Biomimetic 3D Environments
Novel techniques to generate hydrogel environments with
precise chemical and physical composition and anisotropy.
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Self-Assembling Supramolecular Composites
Self-assembling of multiple types of molecular building-blocks to
create extracellular matrix mimetics.
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Dynamic Self-Assembling Membranes
Self-assembling biomolecules in innovative ways to create hierarchical
structures with novel properties.
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Membranes for Tissue Regeneration
Robust and bioactive membranes and scaffolds made from natural
and recombinant proteins for regenerative medicine.
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Materials for Controlled Biomineralization
Molecular templates to nucleate and guide the growth of
minerals into complex hierarchical structures.
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Cell-instructing Topographies and 3D Structures
Precise micro and nanotopographies on surfaces or 3D structures
designed to control biological responses.
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The Mata Lab

Nature has evolved to grow and heal sophisticated structures through the assembly of multiple types of molecular building blocks. As the need for more efficient regenerative solutions increases, it is essential to develop approaches that can more accurately recreate these complex biological systems.

We work at the interface of supramolecular chemistry and engineering to develop materials and fabrication processes that can bridge the gap between molecular design and macroscopic functionality for tissue engineering and regenerative medicine. We aim to use phenomena such as protein order-disorder synergies, compartmentalisation, and molecular self-assembly and techniques such as bioprinting to develop supramolecular tools to engineer materials with high programmability, hierarchy, and capacity to recapitulate the functionality of natural tissues in a controlled manner.

Through this approach, we are developing more efficient regenerative therapies and biologically relevant in vitro models.

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- 7 days ago

@PuttyKnees: I'll be speaking about 3D Printing and what it can do for bioprinting, if you're interested take a look here https://t.co/tdu7prB5kD
h J R

- 10 days ago

@ProfBuehlerMIT: New uses of #silk! Organic-inorganic interfaces are an intriguing frontier & critical for bone regeneration. We report experimental-computational work on the effect of silica nanoparticle size on osteoinduction of biomineralized silk-silica composites: https://t.co/ft6rhvlIe7 https://t.co/enC3731oQM
h J R