Video – Dynamic Self-Assembly Membranes

We are delighted to share this video published by NowThis showcasing our group’s work on materials with potential applications in the making of artificial blood vessels. It has reached over 500,000 views on Facebook.

Watch it below or follow the link to view it on Facebook!


Self-assembly drives the formation of the tubes shown in the video as a result of molecules named peptide-amphiphiles coming in contact with elastin-like-polypeptides. This produces a type of material with novel self-healing properties that make it ideal for the formation of tubes. Additionally, these molecules can be tinkered with, in order for them to communicate different signals to cells in the body!

This research is part of the work being done by our group’s PhD student Mrs Karla Inostroza-Brito as part of her doctoral studies, and was published in the journal Nature Chemistry in November 2015. Find out more about our group’s work in this topic by clicking here.

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