Sherif Elsharkawy wins RMS Beginners’ Competition


Our PhD student Sherif Elsharakawy has won the annual Royal Microscopical Society (RMS) Beginners’ Competition for his presentation entitled ‘Multiple Length-Scale Imaging of Biomimetic Hierarchical Mineralized Materials’. His research focuses on engineering protein-based membranes and gels with mineralizing domains in order to develop novel hierarchically ordered apatite crystals as a step towards dental enamel regeneration.

The RMS Beginners’ Competition is held during the annual meeting of the Society for Electron Microscope Technology (SEMT), a broad ranging electron microscopy conference attended by more than 130 delegates from around the UK. The SEMT is one of the foremost electron microscopy user groups in the UK, addressing all aspects of microscopy from instrument design and specimen preparation to digital image acquisition. The annual meeting of the SEMT presents invited speakers and trade stands, facilitating contact, consultation and discussion between its members, who include instrument manufacturers and microscope users.

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