Xinru Deng to present her research at the 24th European Dental Materials Conference

Our PhD student Xinru Deng will attend the 24th European Dental Materials Conference: Problems, Solutions and Innovations in Dental Materials, to be held at Barts and the London, School of Dentistry, London, UK from 31st August – 1st September 2017. Xinru will be presenting her research on a novel method of biofabrication based on directed biomineralization. The field of biofabrication holds great promise for a variety of medical applications in tissue engineering and regenerative medicine. Biofabrication occurs mostly around restricted corners on organic matrices, therefore,  developing a novel bottom-up biofabrication strategy based on directed biomineralization of hydroxyapatite by controlling organic/inorganic molecular interactions may help to control the assembly, directionality, morphology and even the structural hierarchy of the single crystal phase.

The European Dental Materials Conference is a biannual, globally-renown scientific meeting that brings together the best minds in dental materials in academia and industry for many years, with internationally renowned speakers and up and coming scientists and clinicians.”The current problems with dental materials will be discussed and speakers will present research showing solutions and innovations in topics such as bioactive glasses, glass-ceramics, polymer/composites, and cutting-edge research techniques. This work will include real clinical outcomes in implantology, restorative and regenerative dentistry and use of new analytical techniques. The conference brings together around 200 delegates from more than 25 nations, comprising leading clinicians, material scientists, engineers and technicians from both academia and industry. This conference provides a huge opportunity to interact and network with this diverse group of researchers and experts.” – European Dental Materials:

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