About Us

The Mata Group is an interdisciplinary team composed of engineers, chemists, materials scientists, biologists, and practitioners focused on generating scientific and technological breakthroughs for medical applications. We aim to create a thriving environment where collaboration, team-work, creativity, curiosity, and passion about science come together to tackle big biomedical challenges and have fun doing it. We aim high and focus on doing our best every day, both individually and as a team. We are a friendly laboratory that is highly international with members from the UK, Turkey, Egypt, Nigeria, Mexico, Poland, Argentina, Denmark, Venezuela, China and Costa Rica.

Meet the Team

  • Alvaro MATA

    Professor in Biomedical Engineering and Biomaterials

    Precise engineering of novel biomaterials through hierarchical molecular assembling techniques.

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  • Babatunde OKESOLA

    Postdoctoral Research Fellow

    Designing peptide amphiphile based tough and adhesive hydrogels for applications in tissue regeneration...

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  • Burak DERKUS

    Postdoctoral Research Fellow

    Development of functional and 3D-printable peptide materials and their use in construction of 3D-printed...

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  • David BARRETT

    Postdoctoral Research Fellow

    Bioengineering therapies for healing the human fetal membrane.

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  • Abshar HASAN

    Postdoctoral Research Fellow

    Peptide- and protein-based supramolecular matrixes for guided biomineralization

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  • Dr Sherif Elsharkawy, PhD student, 2014-2018. Bioengineering of Protein-peptide Scaffolds for Dental and Biomedical Tissue Engineering Applications.
  • Dr Kseniya Shuturminska, PhD student, 2014-2017. Design and Synthesis of Novel Bioactive Peptide Systems for Enamel Regeneration.
  • Dr Karla Inostroza-Brito, PhD student, 2013-2017.  Self-organization and hierarchical morphogenesis of a hybrid peptide/protein supramolecular system for potential vascular tissue application.
  • Dr Valentina Cirillo, Postdoc, 2016-2017.  Optimisation of new crosslinking strategies of elastin-like polypeptides.
  • Dr Estelle Collin, Postdoc, 2013-2017. Development of 3D mimicking microenvironment for cell culture models.
  • Dr Michal Lipka, PhD student, 2013-2017. Design and fabrication of a novel device for three-dimensional (3D) patterning of hydrogels.
  • Dr Esther Tejeda-Montes, PhD student and Postdoc, 2009-2015. Development of bioactive membranes for controlled cell behaviour, mineralization, and bone regeneration.
  • Dr Ryan Seelbach, PhD student, 2011-2015. Composite hydrogels for tissue regeneration based on dendrimer-modified hyaluronic acid.
  • Juan Pablo Aguilar, PhD student, 2011 – present.  A novell molecular printing within hydrogels technique based on electrophoresis.
  • Dr Katie Smith, Postdoc, 2011 – 2013. Microfabricated biochips and self-assembling composites.