Burak DERKUSPostdoctoral Research Fellow



Area of Study

Postdoctoral fellow

Project: Development of functional and 3D-printable peptide materials and their use in construction of 3D-printed bone organoids.

Key Areas of Expertise
  • Tissue Engineering
  • Microfluidics
  • Exosomes
  • Cell Culture

Burak graduated from the University of Ankara, Department of Chemistry and double majored in chemical engineering. He is interested in stem cells, tissue chips, tissue engineering and regenerative medicine. He was granted an ATO Scholarship and joined the research group of Prof. Elvassore in the University of Padua, Italy. After received his PhD, Burak worked as a lecturer in the Department of Molecular Biology and Genetics of Baskent University, in Ankara, Turkey. Burak currently holds the role of Assistant Professor of Biomedical Engineering at Eskisehir Osmangazi University (ESOGU) in Eskişehir, Turkey, and he proceeds his post-doctoral research under the supervision of Prof. Alvaro Mata at the School of Engineering and Materials Science, Queen Mary University of London.

Burak’s research focuses on the development of angiogenic and osteogenic peptide-based scaffolds towards 3D bioprinting aiming at the construction of 3D-printed vascularized bone tissue.


“Preparation of 2-Dimensional Cell-Scaffold Constructs with Human Adipose derived Mesenchymal Stem Cells and Decellularized Bovine Myocardial Tissue”, Y.F. Galata, T. Arslan, B. Derkus, Y.E. Arslan. Submitted.

“Evaluating Triazine-Based 2D-Covalent Organic Frameworks Towards Electrochemical Biosensing of Superoxide Radicals” O. Yildirim, B. Derkus. Submitted.

“A New Approach in Stem Cell Research- Exosomes: Their Mechanism Via Cellular Pathways” B. Derkus, K.C. Emregul, E. Emregul. Cell Biology International 41(5) (2017) 466-475.

 “Fabrication of human hair keratin/jellyfish collagen/eggshell-derived hydroxyapatite osteoinductive biocomposite scaffolds for bone tissue engineering: from waste to regenerative medicine products” Y.E. Arslan, T. Arslan, B. Derkus, E. Emregul and K.C. Emregul. Colloids and Surfaces B: Biointerfaces 154 (2017) 160-170.

“Simultaneous Quantification of Myelin Basic Protein and Tau Proteins in Cerebrospinal Fluid and Serum of Multiple Sclerosis Patients Using Nanoimmunosensor“ B. Derkus, P. Bozkurt, M. Tulu, K. C. Emregul, C. Yucesan, E. Emregul. Biosensors and Bioelectronics 89 (2016) 781-788. (IF 7.8)

“Detergent-free Decellularization of Bovine Costal Cartilage for Chondrogenic Differentiation of Human Adipose Mesenchymal Stem Cells in vitro E. Erten, T. Arslan, B. Derkus and Y.E. Arslan. RSC Advances 6 (2016) 94236.

 “Enhancement of Aptamer Immobilization Using Egg Shell-Derived Nano-Sized Spherical Hydroxyapatite for Thrombin Detection in Neuroclinic“ B. Derkus, Y. E. Arslan, K. C. Emregul, E. Emregul. Talanta 158 (2016) 100–109.

“Development of a novel aptasensor using jellyfish collagen as matrix and thrombin detection in blood samples obtained from patients with various neurodiseases” B. Derkus, Y. E. Arslan, A. T. Bayrac, I. Kantarcioglu, K. C. Emregul, E. Emregul. Sensors and Actuators B 228 (2016) 725-736.

“Applying The Miniaturization Technologies in Biosensor Design” Burak Derkus. Biosensors and Bioelectronics 79C (2016) 901-913. (IF 7.8)

Single Frequency Analysis for Clinical Immunosensor Design B. Derkus, M. Ozkan, K. C. Emregul, E. Emregul RSC Advances 6 (2016) 281-289.

“Evaluation of protein immobilization capacity on various carbon nanotube embedded hydrogel biomaterials” B. Derkus, K. C. Emregul, E. Emregul. Materials Science and Engineering C 56 (2015) 132-140.

“CuZn alloy nanoparticle based enzyme-free superoxide radical sensing on screen-printed electrode” B. Derkus, E. Emregul, K. C. Emregul. Talanta 135 (2014) 206-214.

“Protein A immunosensor for the detection of immunoglobulin G by impedance spectroscopy” B. Derkus, E. Emregul, H. Mazi, T. Yumak,  K. C. Emregul, A. Sınag. Bioprocess and Biosystems Engineering. 37(5) (2014) 965-976.

Alginate and alginate-titanium dioxide nanocomposite as electrode materials for anti-myelin basic protein immunosensing” B. Derkus, E. Emregul, C. Yucesan, K. C. Emregul. Sensors and Actuators B 192 (2014) 294– 302.

 “Myelin Basic Protein immunosensor for Multiple Sclerosis detection based upon label free electrochemical impedance spectroscopy” B. Derkus, E. Emregul, C. Yucesan, K. C. Emregul. Biosensors and Bioelectronics 46 (2013) 53–60. (IF 7.8)

“A novel carboxymethylcellulose-gelatin-titanium dioxide-superoxide dismutase biosensor; electrochemical properties of carboxymethylcellulose-gelatin-titanium dioxide-superoxide dismutase” Emregul, E., Kocabay, O., Derkus, B., Yumak, T., Emregul, K.C., Sinag, A., Polat, K. A Bioelectrochemistry 90 (2013) 8-17.


PhD in Chemistry
Ankara University

MSc in Biochemistry
Ankara University

Bachelor’s Degree in Chemical Engineering
Ankara University

Honours and Achievements

  • ACC (Ankara Chamber of Commerce) – 3-Month Support for Doctoral Research
  • TUBITAK (The Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey) – Sponsorship for 1 Year Academic Visit Abroad

contact details

+44 (0)20 7882 8770
School of Engineering & Materials Science
Queen Mary University of London
Mile End Road, London, E1 4NS

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