Costa Rica

Area of Study

PhD Student

Project: Development of termoresponsive gel systems based on peptide amphiphiles

Key Areas of Expertise
  • Synthetic Organic Chemistry
  • Supramolecular Chemistry
  • Nanobiotechnology
  • Self-assembled nanostructures

Carlos received his BSc in Chemistry and his MSc in Supramolecular Chemistry from the University of Costa Rica (Costa Rica). He studied the self-assembly behaviour of bile acid hydrophobic derivatives as molecular gelators under the supervision of Prof. Luciano Galantini in La Sapienza University (Rome) and moved to the Costa Rica National Nanotechnology Laboratory before joining QMUL. He’s currently developing smart multiresponsive peptide amphiphile-based hydrogels for biomedical purposes.


Hydrodynamically Guided Hierarchical Self-Assembly of Peptide–Protein Bioinks C. L. Hedegaard, E. C. Collin, C. Redondo-Gómez, L. T. H. NguyenK. W. Ng, A. A. Castrejón-Pita, J. R. Castrejón-Pita and A. Mata, Advanced Functional Materials, 1703716 (2018) 1-13.

“Assessment of the antifungal activity of fabrics impregnated with silica-based materials modified with recycled batteries” K, Igal; Arreche, R; Sambeth, J.; Bellotti, N.; Vázquez, P.; Redondo-Gómez, C.; Vega-Baudrit, J, Journal of Textile Research, In Press.

“Structural Characterization of Chitosan Modified Vesicles” Soto-Cruz, J.; Alvarado Aguilar, P.; Vega-Baudrit, J. R.;  Redondo-Gómez, C.; Soto-Tellini, V.; Madrigal Carballo, S.; Rojas Carrillo, O., Uniciencia, 32 (2018).

“Self-Assembling Biomaterials: Molecular Design, Characterization and Application in Biology and Medicine” in “Self-Assembling Biomaterials: Molecular Design, Characterization and Application in Biology and Medicine” Okesola, B.; Redondo-Gomez, C.; Mata, A., Elsevier, In Press.

“Cholic acid covalently bound to multi-walled carbon nanotubes: Biomimetic approach for improvements on dispersion stability” Redondo-Gómez, C.; Orozco, F.; Noeske, P. M; Soto-Tellini, V.; Corrales Ureña, Y. R.; Vega-Baudrit, J. R., Materials Chemistry and Physics, 200 (2017) 331-341.


BSc in Chemistry
University of Costa Rica, Costa Rica

MSc in Supramolecular Chemistry
University of Costa Rica, Costa Rica

Achievement and Honours

Best poster presentation Award, Sao Paulo School of Advanced Science on Biophysical Methods to study Biomolecular Interactions, in Sao Paulo, Brazil, 2017.

contact details

+44(0)77 8413 4988
School of Engineering & Materials Science
Queen Mary University of London
Mile End Road, London, E1 4NS

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