Gastón Agustín PRIMO

Gastón Agustín PRIMOPhD Student

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Area of Study

PhD Student

Project: Improvement of the 3D electrophoresis-assisted lithography (3DEAL) platform to reach materials with 3D cellular penetration

Key Areas of Expertise
  • Hydrogels
  • Mechanical and Rheological properties
  • Materials Characterization

Gastón Agustín Primo graduated from the Universidad Nacional de Córdoba [National University of Cordoba] in Argentina with a Degree in Chemistry. At 2010 he was awarded the position of Student and Research Assistant at the Organic Chemistry Department from the Chemistry Faculty on National University of Cordoba, where he focused on the synthesis and characterization of crosslinked polymeric matrices for heavy metal ions retention and enzyme immobilization.

Gastón is a PhD Medical Engineering student in Mata Lab Bioengineering at Queen Mary University of London where he is working on the design, construction and development of a novel 3D printing technology to create patterns of multiple molecules (proteins, peptides), and subsequently complex anisotropic environments. Main applications for this technique include designing in vitro models, drug screening systems and tissue engineering scaffolds.


“3D Electrophoresis-Assisted Lithography (3DEAL): 3D Molecular Printing to Create Functional Patterns and Anisotropic Hydrogels” J. P. Aguilar, M. Lipka, G. A. Primo, E. E. Licon-Bernal, J. M. Fernández-Pradas, A. Yaroshchuk, F.  Albericio, A. Mata, Advanced Functional Materials, 1703014 (2018) 1-10.

“Crystal structure of k-Ag2Mg5 F. J. Castro, G. A. Primo, G. Urretavizcaya, J. of Solid State Chemistry, 258 (2018) 243-246.

“Surface morphological modification of crosslinked hydrophilic co-polymers by nanosecond pulsed laser irradiation” G. A. Primo, C. I. Alvarez Igarzabal, G. A. Pino, J. C. Ferrero, M. Rossa, Applied Surface Science, 369 (2016) 422-429.

“Synthesis and characterization of hydrogels from 1-vinylimidazole. Highly resistant co-polymers with synergistic effect” G. A. Primo, M. F. Garcia Manzano, M. R. Romero, C. I. Alvarez Igarzabal, Materials Chemistry and Physics, 153 (2015) 365-375.


Degree in Chemistry
Universidad Nacional de Cordoba, Argentina

contact details

+44 (0)20 7882 8770
School of Engineering & Materials Science
Queen Mary University of London
Mile End Road, London, E1 4NS

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